12.5 Acres Matthew Town Inagua Bahamas

  • $ 940 000 ( $ 304 319 360 / sq m )
  • Land For Sale
  • Lot size 48 561.60 sq m


Property Features

Residential, Commercial, condominium, multifamily, manufacturing, hotel/ motel

This beautiful piece of land is situate in Matthew Town in the Island of Great Inagua,Bahamas.

Inagua is the third largest island in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and it roughly 596 sq miles and situate approximately 55 miles Southwest from the East end of Cuba.

Great Inagua island is about 55 miles long by 19 miles wide and at its highest point reaches 108 ft tall on the East Hill. The island also encloses several beautiful lakes, most popularly well known is the 12 mile long lake, called Lake Windsor (also known as Lake Rosa) which massiveness is the size of nearly a quarter of the island.

The population of Great Inagua was 969 people in the year 2000.

This property is located in that island in the capital and only harbor called Matthew Town, named after Sir George Matthew, the 19th century Governor General of the Bahamas.

Matthew Town also houses the internationally known Morton Salt Company’s main facility, producing more than one hundred million tonnes of sea salt ever year — the second largest solar saline operation in North America and Inagua's main industry.

Great Inagua Airport is also located nearby.

There is a large bird sanctuary built in the centre of the island with a population of more than 80,000 birds consisting of West Indian flamingoes and many other bird species, including the Bahama parrot, Inagua woodstar, Bahama pintail, brown pelican, tricolored heron, snowy egret, reddish egret, stripe-headed tanager, double-crested cormorant, Neotropic cormorant, roseate spoonbill, American kestrel, and burrowing owl.

There is also a neighboring island called Little Inagua located just five miles away to the northeast which is uninhabited however it is occupied by a large Land and Sea Park. Little Inagua also is about 30 sq miles and hold large herds of feral donkeys and goats descendants of the stock originally placed on the island by the French.

The original settler of the Island name was Heneagua which was derived from a Spanish expression meaning 'water is to be found there', which both names of the islands came about of an apparent Lucayan origin, Inagua (meaning "Small Eastern Island") and Baneque (meaning "Big Water Island").

Local legend also has it that Henri Christophe, King of Haiti from 1811 to 1820, buried treasure at the Northeast Point of Great Inagua where he had a summer retreat. Several documented treasure laden ships were also destroyed on Inagua reefs between the years of 1500 and 1825. The two most valuable wrecks lost of all time in the Inagua area was the treasure-laden Spanish galleons: the Santa Rosa (1599) and the Infanta (1788).

Other ships of considerable value that were lost also owned by the British the HMS Statira and HMS Lowestoffe in 1802, and the French Le Count De Paix in 1713.

The property can be best used as an investment property in the continuing of establishing your own manufacturing company in the natural resources of the Bahamas considering that Morton Salt company presently collects and exports thousands of tonnes of salt each day worldwide, or the property can also be used to develop small hotels resorts or motels and setting up in using the resources again in having your seasonal bird watching programs, or summer schools with kayaking, fishing and canoeing, or hunting for buried treasure.

The property is price at only $75,200 an acre.

Don't miss out on this beautifully price lot of land.


  • View: Beach, Lake, Sea, Town
  • Listing status: Active
  • Available from: Feb 21, 2016
  • Listing #: 12312
  • Lot size: 12.5
  • Parking type: Off street

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Address: Matthew Town, The Bahamas
Latitude / Longitude: 20.938176 / -73.661354


Matthew Town and Cepigel Settlement Inangua

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