Beautiful Ocean Front Lots in Ecuador!

  • $ 24 750
  • Residential Land For Sale
  • Year of build 2012


PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: TERRAMAR Lots in Las Tunas, Manabí Province, Republic of Ecuador.

TERRAMAR is a beautiful Ocean front development consisting of 30 lots for home construction by purchasers. Lot sizes range from 560 to 2,200 square meters and two large lots of 4,300 and 4,700 square meters. Property Titles are without liens and taxes are paid up to date. The lots have all the services: potable water, electric grid, telephone land lines are available for purchase, internet is locally available, internal gravel roads and a very good access highway, the whole property is fenced and has a single entry gate with security check point a single access bridge to the beach. There are a set of by-laws that regulate construction standards and behavior within the community that are binding and obligatory for all owners, rentals and visiting guests, so a peaceful and harmonic community is maintained. Some of the construction standards considered in the by-laws and regulations require all main roof surfaces have to be of roof tiles, smaller or adjoining roofs, terraces or gazebos can be paja toquilla, which is a local fiber (it is also used to make the world famous Panama Hats) used for beautiful and very fresh roofing for these tropical areas. House exterior designs have to be reviewed by the Developer to be approved before submitting it for local construction permits at the Puerto Lopez Municipality.

TERRAMAR features a quarter-mile (400 meters) of the most beautiful ocean-front in coastal Ecuador, a small pristine mangrove forest surrounding a salt water lagoon that is also a natural protective barrier against the ocean, lines the Ocean front making it a very picturesque and unique ecosystem. The lagoon attracts migratory ducks, egrets, flamingos, osprey, sea gulls and cormorants among many other animals that feed on the small fish, crabs and shrimp in the lagoon. The rain forest behind the property is considered by many ornithologists to offer excellent bird watching, including some endemic species. Two small rock islets and a submerged coral reef several hundred yards offshore, accessible by kayak or small boat from the property provide outstanding snorkeling and diving and a beautiful view from shore. The property is very close (15 minutes away) from Machalilla National Park and (20 minutes) from the popular tourist towns of Montañita and Puerto Lopez. It is situated on Ruta del Spondylus, Ecuador’s primary Pacific coast highway, and is bordered on the east, by an amazing coastal mountain range and spectacular rain forest.

Lot numbers, price and size:

Cuadro de Area de Lotes:
Lot Number Area m2 Price Availability
A-1 2199,86 Sold
A-2 2478,88 Sold
A-3 2550,95 Sold
A-4 1995,69 Sold
B-1 783.98 $35.279,10
B-2 674,44 $30.349,80
B-3 563,33 $25.349,85
B-4 626,27 $28.182,15
B-5 647,95 $29.157,75
B-6 675,90 $30.415,50
B-7 889,79 $40.040,55
B-8 668,77 $30.095,65
B-9 695,16 $31.282,20
B-10 793,63 Sold
B-11 696,64 $31.348,80
B-12 669,85 $30.143,25
B-12-A 595,34 $26.790,30
B-12-B 550,49 $24.772,05
C-1 4354,35 $217.717,50
C-2 4721,24 $236.062,00
C-3 1997,33 $99.866,50
C-4 1530,10 $76.505,00
C-5 1818,70 $90.935,00
C-6 1692,52 $84.626,00
C-7 1753,47 $87.613,50
C-8 1569,12 $78.456,00
C-9 2245,99 $112.299,50
D-1 1391,61 $62.622,45
D-2 1616,97 $72.763,65
D-3 1391,61 $62.622,45

LOCATION: On Ecuadorian Pacific coast, in Manabí Province, 3 kilometers North of Ayampe; 1 ½ hours South of Manta (pop. 200,000), a port city with a national airport; 1½ hours north of Salinas, Ecuador’s largest resort; 2½ hours Guayaquil (pop. 2.5 million), Ecuador’s largest city and international airport

UTILITIES: Electrical, land-line telephone and water service are available on the property. Cell phone reception is excellent in the area. Internet service is available by satellite, local internet service or cell phone modem. Direct TV service is available by satellite. Wells on the property provide water for irrigation purposes only.

ACTIVITIES OF THE AREA: snorkeling, scuba diving, ocean kayaking, surfing, hiking, bird watching, whale watching, swimming, deep sea fishing, wind surfing, hang gliding, mountain biking, dining, dancing and relaxing.

PRE-HISTORY AND ARCHEOLOGY: The South central coast of Ecuador, including the area near TERRAMAR, has a pre-Hispanic human history dating back almost 6,000 years. The Valdivia, Machalilla, Bahia and Guangala cultures are among the fishing and agrarian communities that thrived along the coast. Early residents developed a thriving commerce through sailing balsa rafts through far and vast stretches of ocean and evidence indicates that trade routes stretched from current-day Mexico to Chile. The recovery of artifacts of ancient cultures is an on-going project at many coast sites, including several in the Machalilla National Park.

PREVAILING WINDS: Off-shore breezes from the eastern hills, 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. On-shore breezes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

THE BEACH: The beach is one of the most stunning in coastal Ecuador and has a very gentle slope into the water and, depending on tides; swimmers can walk approximately 100 or 200 meters (350 to 650 feet) into the surf. The surf tends to be gentle and good for swimming next to shore and very good for surfing slightly offshore. At low tide, the beach is about 200 meters (650 feet) wide.

WEATHER: The weather on the South central Ecuadorian coast features two seasons. December to June is the considered the rainy season although it is the time of year when the coast receives the most sunshine and is considered the local summer season. From June to November the weather is cloudier, there is some drizzle and slightly cooler. It is not uncommon, however, to have many sunny days during the traditionally cloudy season. Temperatures, year-round, range from highs in the high 80s to 90°F, and lows from 70 to 75°F. Annual rainfall averages 25 inches.

SPECIAL NEARBY FEATURES: Two beautiful islets several hundred meters offshore from TERRAMAR provide snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. The rocky islets, called Los Ahorcados, are accessible by ocean kayak or small boat. Marine life around the islands includes a great diversity of fish, coral and related species. Waters are calm on the lee ward side of the islets and lovely for snorkeling and beginner divers, while the wind ward side has a strong up-welling current which provides nutrients and attracts an abundant array of pelagic and benthic fish species and some really good deep diving. Another diving area is a reef in 90 feet of water just north of the islets and many other locations nearby like Isla de la Plata (Island of Silver), Salango Island among others. SUPERB fishing is found all along this coast either surf casting, open water trolling or reef fishing.

Rio Chico, located 3 kilometers north of the property, is has excellent surfing at low tide and a very attractive secluded beach spot.

Machalilla National Park, 10 kilometers from the property, offers a wide variety of adventure sports and recreational opportunities. The park contains several pristine beaches that are accessible only by water. By sea kayak or small boats there are plenty of secluded beaches that can be reached. The park also offers hiking; mountain bike trails as well as excellent bird watching.

La Playita is about 10 minutes north, part of the National Park; it is a beautiful little bay ideal for picnics, kayaking, surfing, trekking and some great snorkeling.

Montañita 30 minutes South is a bustling surf and party town with great dinning and night life and beach lounging during the day. Here you will find travelers and full time residents from all over the world.

Puerto Lopez, 20 minutes North of the property, features a picturesque horseshoe bay and is a very popular spot with tourists specially when the Humpback whales arrive from Antarctica (June to October). It is a primary departure point for boat trips to the Isla de la Plata (Island of Silver, was a pirate and buccaneer anchorage in the 1700’s, sometimes called the Little Galapagos), a pretty rocky island 16 nautical miles offshore that features some very similar plant and animal life found on the Galapagos Islands, and very good diving and fishing is found offshore. Puerto Lopez is also home to a number of deep sea fishing charter boats. UNSURPASSED OCEAN FISHING!

Isla Salango, a smaller version of the Isla de la Plata, is a favorite recreation island and is located right of the shore and easily accessible by canoe, kayak or motor boat. Salango provides a rich ocean theater for boaters, snorkelers and divers.

Hosteria Atamari,
Hostería Alandaluz,

Many other options available too long to list but information can be found on any travel guide book.

TOURISM: Ecuador has ranked in the top ten nations in tourist growth in each of the last five years with eco-tourism providing the largest increases. Regionally, Ecuador’s coastal area shows the largest percentage of increased tourist traffic; also Ecuador both in the Andes and ocean coastal regions has become a major destination for expats and international home hunters.

Guayaquil, which has an International airport, is 195 kilometers to the southeast, 2½ hours by car.
Manglaralto, small plane landing strip is 35 minutes to the South.
Manta, national airport, is 1 ½ hours to the north.
Ayangue, small plane landing strip, is 45 minutes to the South.
Salinas, National and military airport is 1½ hours to the South.

Local hospitals found: Manta (1 ½ hours), Puerto López (20 minutes), Manglaralto (35 minutes), Salinas (1 ½ hours) and Guayaquil (2 ½ hours). In major emergencies Ambulance planes can be flown into local landing strips and land in Guayaquil in 20 minutes.

NEAREST TOWNS: Info is approximate and not official and may vary slightly.
Ayampe (pop. 1,000), 5 minutes to the South
Puerto Lopez (pop. 10,000), 20 minutes (9 miles) to the North
Olón (pop. 1,500), 25 minutes to the South
Montañita (pop. 2,000), 30 minutes to the South
Manta (pop, 200,000), 1 ½ hours to the North
Salinas / La Libertad (pop. 115,000), 1 ½ hours to the South
Guayaquil (pop. 2.5 million), 2 ½ hours to the Southeast

BEST USE OF PROPERTY: This property is best suited for private beach front homes.

ABOUT THE PROPERTY OWNER: AGRICOLA AYAMPE AGRIAYAMPE S.A. is a Ecuadorian company which holds the titles of each individual lot which are ready to be sold and transfer ownership to buyers, all property taxes are paid up to date.

PROPERTY OWNERSHIP STATUS: Title of the property is clear and uncontested with records dating back to 1918 at the Land Records Office in Puerto Lopez. There are no mortgages or other encumbrances on the property. Development permits have been granted. All taxes are paid. Deeds and paperwork are available for inspection. All taxes derived from property sales and ownership transfer will be paid by purchaser.



  • Listing status: Active
  • Available from: Mar 02, 2012
  • Listing #: 2858


  • Broadband Internet
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Sewer
  • Telephone
  • Trash
  • TV Cable
  • Water

Outdoor facilities

  • 1. Beach Line
  • Garden
  • Gated entry
  • Pond

Keywords: ocean front property for sale in ecuador


Address: 1, Ecuador
Latitude / Longitude: -1.938470 / -80.793100


20 minutes south of Puerto Lopez pasing Las Tunas next to the beach access.


Las Tunas - Puerto Lopez

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