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This Boquete Panama land for sale is fully Titled and registered as per the requirements of Panamanian law. The property, Las Tortugas de Boquete (Tortugas means turtles in Spanish and is the historical name for the immediate area) is approximately 10 minutes driving time from Boquete and 30 minutes from David (Panama's 2nd largest city) Although only 30 minutes from David International airport, where the temperature is normally hot, our Boquete Panama land for sale enjoys a most temperate climate where no heating or air conditioning is needed.

There are as many as 7 or 8 micro climes within a 15 kilometer distance of Boquete and the Buyer contemplating a move to the area would be well advised to do some research on the various micro-climes. Las Tortugas, whilst only a 10 minute drive from Boquete, enjoys a very slightly different micro clime from Boquete itself in as much as it is less damp and slightly warmer which transfers to mean no need for dehumidifiers (no damp or mildew), heating or air-conditioning. The property sits at about 1,800 ft; above sea level which translates to a very comfortable climate.

All in all there are 12 + hectares (30+ acres) of virgin land which is held in a Panamanian Foundation which will be conveyed with the property. There is an addition 1 + hectare of land -- separately titled and registered -- also held by the Foundation - which is the access road to the property. This road measures approximately 600 meters X 15 meters wide. 15 meters in width is that mandated by Panamanian law for the access road to a development (sub-division) The fact that the land for the access road is titled means that any gate or access may be locked and the road is designated as "private" and may NOT be considered a public right-of-way as are many access roads in Panama.

The property itself sits along a beautiful and dramatic canyon rim and is approximately 600 meters in length X 200 meters in depth. The property is some 600 meters from the Boquete to Caldera road which is a well maintained and lightly traveled country road. The 600 meters distance from the road means that the property cannot be seen from the road and it is perfectly secluded and private. The property sits adjacent to a new up scale Gringo sub-division by the name of Montana's de Caldera. The property is "uphill" form this development which means that no run off or water contamination may be suffered by the Development's drainage or sewage system. Due to the contours of the land it is difficult to even see the Development from the majority of the property thus ensuring complete privacy and tranquility.

The property slopes about 50' from the highest point down to the shared fence with Montana's de Caldera and also slopes slightly from back to front (rear of the property to the canyon edge)

The canyon in front of the property is approximately 200+ feet deep and about half a kilometre wide with the Rio Caldera running through it below, There is no development on the other side of the canyon closer than about 5 kilometers. The views are open and expansive, and follow the rolling hills of Jaramillo up into the distant mountain ranges. These views are completely uninterrupted and very likely to remain so in the future.

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This Boquete Panama land for sale faces approximately due east and enjoys dramatic color changes throughout the day as evidenced in some of the attached photos. As the air warms in the early morning it is not uncommon to watch wispy white clouds rise from the canyon floor before you.

Electricity is available at the entrance to the property on the Caldera road but the local utility company have informed us that they will bring the electricity to the property from the nearest power source which is a matter of 10 or 15 meters away in Montana's de Caldera.
The property sits on a water table which covers the entire area between the Boquete road and the pueblo of Caldera. Initial dowsing of the property has indicated water as close as 2 meters from the surface in one spot and this finding is supported by a tree line and rainy season quebrada (stream bed) in the immediate vicinity.
Well drilling would be inexpensive and accessible in this area. The natural drop off -- 50 feet -- from top to bottom on the property would facilitate easy gravity feed supply to all parts of the property.

In terms of security, there is very little crime in this area of Panama. Having said that, the fact that this Boquete Panama land for sale cannot be seen from the public road and it is bordered along one full side by the very steep canyon, affords it a high degree of seclusion and protection. The original Owner of the property still rears cattle on the area between the property and the public road and they are a well respected and influential family in the area.

Over the past 6 years the "cut & drop" method of soil enrichment has been employed and evidence of the success in soil nutrition is evident. New plant and tree growth is evident everywhere Photos taken of the property 6 + years ago show short growth and not much greenery on the property which was used solely for grazing cattle. Now, there is lush greenery, small trees growing and a variety of different flora which is growing waist, some shoulder high. This will ensure nutrient rich soil for future uses.

This amazing Boquete Panama land for sale is priced at $625,000 and represents less than $5 per square meter. Canyon rim lots in the adjacent Development are selling for $85 per sq. meter.

Considering the increase in development activity in the highland area over the past couple of years, this could be an extremely promising opportunity. . .particularly at this price.

Here is some extra information that could serve to be helpful to you.

Boquete Panama has become one of the top retirement/relocation destinations in the world and over the last 5 or 6 years has seen its popularity grow tremendously. The area is favored by foreigners in part for its ideal climate, cost/standard of living, top quality, very affordable health care and mountain beauty. There is an airport in David -- 30 minutes away - which has recently been enlarged to accommodate direct flights to the US.

Panama in general is a very popular relocation destination because of its geographic diversity; for example we are up in the mountains but only a little over an hour from the Pacific Ocean and a breathtaking and short 3 1/2 hour drive through rain forests will put you on the Panamanian Caribbean.

A very attractive Pensionado (Retiree) program allows foreigners to take advantage of not only permanent residency status but also many other advantages in discount travel, dinning etc. At the time of writing, a 20 year tax exemption exists for new home construction and is transferable when the property is sold.

A personal note:

Prior to the diagnosis of serious health issues, the current Owner planned to sell 3 or 4 one hectare Lots for single family dwelling and then to "homestead" otherparts of the property for the raising of organic fruits and vegetables. It is because of this that we are offering this incredible opportunity to acquire a quality piece of Boquete Panama land for sale at approximately one half its appraised value.


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Address: Ave. Belisario Porras, Boquete, Panama
Latitude / Longitude: 8.774570 / -82.432000

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