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From zero oil production to 550,000 barrels of oil per day in a few years – and that’s just for one region where shale oil deposits are being exploited. With more oil than Saudi Arabia and the UAE together, this region of American is changing the face of the oil industry worldwide, and it can provide big profits to you as a property investor for many years to come.

We don’t know if you’ve heard about the amazing turnaround in America’s oil fortunes, but if you haven’t, you soon will. The scale of the oil and gas shale discoveries across the country is colossal.

Take just one of the twenty giant oil/gas shale fields that have been identified – the Bakken basin in North Dakota. The Energy Information Administration estimates it contains at least 410 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas -- 205 times more than previously believed.

That’s almost 17 years’ worth of natural gas -- the cleanest burning fossil fuel on the planet -- from just ONE shale deposit. Plus massive amounts of oil. Present estimates are for 24 billion barrels of recoverable oil – that’s huge.

The streets of Watford City, the town at the centre of this boom area is just bursting with economic activity. Its population has tripled in ten years and the new arrivals are pumping wads of cash into local businesses.

Waitresses at local cafes can earn $750 a day waiting tables!

Home prices are soaring, unemployment is close to zero and people from around the country are flocking here for jobs where the starting pay for even inexperienced workers can easily exceed $100,000.

So much oil is now being pumped out that it can’t be delivered to market. Infrastructure hasn’t kept up so fast has been development.

Just about any business is thriving there and for property investors, the streets could well be paved with gold. Black gold.

Make up to 46% pa on this opportunity to buy a half share of a hotel suite for as little as $27,950

With all this cash being generated in the new oil American boom, how to profit as an armchair investor? One of the best ways is to provide accommodation. At present, the area is crowded with camper vans as workers can’t find accommodation. Some are even sleeping in their cars – no joke when temperatures plummet way below zero in North Dakota’s winter.

Property 4peanuts is hugely excited to be offering units in a new development in the oil area. 12 units are already built on site, with the rest of 204 units being shopped from the manufactures to complete the site by mid August. The site has permission to build (copy provided on request).

The idea behind these units is to offer fully serviced accommodation to oil workers. After all, after a 12 hour shift on an oil derrick, the last thing a worker wants is to get his recipe book out and start cooking. A catering facility will be on site. In addition, there will be communal facilities such as pool table and gym, and locker room so workers don’t have to take muddy boots and clothes into their room.

The accommodation comes with full, dedicated and professional management in place to provide a passive, “hands free” income for investors.

From just $27,950

Entry price is low at £27,950 for half an executive suite.

$49,950 for complete executive suite

And for a set of 6 executive suites - $289,700

The developer’s estimated income for a half suite is $11,208 after all costs. That’s 40% ROI

$22,416 income for a full suite – 44.8%

And a huge $134,493 if you buy a set of 6 suites.

For the brochure on this remarkable property investment along with further information, please don't hesitate to contact us!

This is Freehold property and a proportional Freehold share of communal facilities is included in the price.

The onsite management which takes care of everything from cleaning, maintenance and placing guests. And note that these figures are based on occupancy of 90%. Accommodation is so scarce in the area that in reality occupancy is 95%-98% and you could earn more!

No wonder we are getting great take up of this offer by investors. For more details on this world beating property investment, contact us without dela


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  • Available from: Jun 21, 2013
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