Information according to §5 E-Commerce Act, §14 Uniform Commercial Code and §63 trade regulations and disclosure requirements according to §25 Media Law

Information about the company

Name: Harald Peter Maschessnig
Company: EDV-Dienstleistungen Maschessnig
Adress: 9343 Zweinitz 116, Austria
Phone: +43 (664) 203 54 54
VAT number: None
Authority acc. Inc. (E-Commerce Act): Bezirkshauptmannschaft Sankt Veit an der Glan
Other supervisory authority (according to ECA): None
Applicable law: § 5 Abs.3 GewO 1994 -
Legal status: Einzelunternehmer
Other information according to §14 UGB: None

Disclosure according to §25 Media Law

Owner: Harald Peter Maschessnig
Head office (place of head office): Zweinitz, Austria
In business: Dienstleistungen in der automatischen Datenverarbeitung und Informationstechnik (§ 5 Abs.3 GewO 1994)
Shareholdings: None
CEO: Harald Peter Maschessnig

Member of 'Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten'

Subject / Profession

Section management consulting and information technology, IT services