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If you have a single listing, please post it with our add listing form. If you have a site or service with many listings, you can supply us with a feed file. A feed file is a dump of your listing data in a format that's easy for our system to understand. We can handle feed files in almost any structured format, but XML is the best. If you're already generating a feed file from your data, we can almost undoubtedly use it without modification. See below for more information on feed formats.


How do I get my data to

Simply submit the send feed form.


What feed formats does accept?

We accept data feeds in the following formats: XML, CSV, though XML is strongly preferred. If you already have a feed formatted for a different site we can accept that too.


What is XML?

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and it is a simple way of formatting data so that it can be easily shared by disparate computer systems over the internet. If you need more information about XML you can visit the World Wide Web Consortium or contact us and we can assist you in creating your feed.


Do you have some XML feed examples?

Of course! Here are some sample XML files showing the formatting we would like to see in a feed for:


What data should my feed include?

We would like to get as much data as you have. The more data you provide us the cleaner your listings will appear and the better they will be categorized on Specifically, we would like to see as many of the following fields as possible:

  • ID
    Unique identifying number of the listing
  • Category
    The top-level category the listing is posted in on your site, such as real estate for sale, long-term rental, short-term rental (vacation rental) etc.
  • Subcategory
    The category or categories below the main category, such us apartment, single-family home, chalet, office, commercial land, etc.
  • Location
    As many of these as possible: latitude/longitude, country, state/province, city, street address, and zip/postal code.
  • Images
    URLs of images of listed item
  • Title
    The title of the listing
  • Description
    Description of the listing
  • Price
    Listed price of item
  • Rooms
    Listed bedrooms and bathrooms of item
  • Square footage
    Listed live square and/or land square of item
  • Date posted
    Date item was posted on your site

Again, the more of these fields you can provide us with the better your listings will appear on So when in doubt, include whatever data you have and we will sort it out on our end.