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Sep 28, 2019
For sale: panoramic plot of land measuring approximately 2 hectares, located in Scoglietti, only 3 km from the town of Stintino (SS). The land, which is hilly in parts, is richly covered in shrubs and Mediterranean vegetation and is approximately 600 m from the sea. It would be well suited as a base for anyone who is a fan of underwater diving trips, fishing, walking and biking trips or even as stables for horses. It is the ideal spot for anyone who hates the hustle and bustle of the beach, but who does not want to sacrifice the convenience of the town centre nearby. The land does not have permission for construction at present, but it is possible to set up mobile structures, for example mobile homes, camper vans, caravans or simply tents for camping.
We were unable to find the requested address () via Google street view due to Google street view doesn’t have data for this address.
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