EUR 470.000
  • 32470 sq m
Property for
Sep 28, 2019
Old Farmhouse with intact Wine Press, barrel store, caretaker’s accommodation and main house on the first floor. sqm 460 The plot includes two hectares of land in the region where Etna DOC vines can be cultivated. The property is situated in the Rovittello district, 32 km from Taormina, with a view of Etna. The property is situated on the ‘Strada Statale’ (State Road) 120, known as the ‘Wine Road’, in front of the 18-hole International Golf Course, Il Picciolo. For renovation, maintaining its 19th century characteristics. The vines are in need of replanting. The renovations and replanting of the vines give the purchaser ample opportunities to realise their vision here (be that a luxury home, business, restaurant, etc.). Furthermore, it is situated directly on the Wine Road, the route that everyone takes to tour Etna, the most important active volcano in Europe. This would be an ideal place to establish a tourism-related business, such as: - Tastings of typical Sicilian products; - Tastings of local wines (there are many famous wineries nearby); - Production of your own wine, approx. 20,000 bottles; - Hospitality in the main house. What might seem an inconvenience, namely the replanting of the vines, could actually be a strength, in that it allows you to choose the type and variety of vine. The most important thing is having land in the DOC region. Contact: francesco.alosi@alice.ito Tel: +39 3476975719
Finished sq. ft.
470 sq m
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