EUR 125.000
  • 32115 sq m
Property for
Sep 28, 2019
HOUSE FOR SALE IN GOOD CONDITION WITH AGRICULTURAL LAND - around HA 21.02.91, price negotiable. HOUSE with 6 fully furnished rooms (three bedrooms and two bathrooms with energy class G) and three adjacent spaces - stalls for any kind of animal - cellar - warehouses, a very large wood-burning oven (about 40 kg of bread) and every type of equipment for working on the land (rototiller with trailer and cutter). Thanks to its unique position in the Luzzi hills (c. 400 m above sea level) the building for sale offers a wonderful panoramic view across the whole valley of the Crati river from Monte Pollino to Cosenza. The house is completely detached with a private fence. The land offers every kind of fruit tree all year round (many olive, fig, plum, orange, tangerine, apricot, peach, cherry, and prickly pear trees, as well as a vineyard). Private artesian well. Ideal place for activities such as agritourism. An excellent way to find tranquility surrounded by the unadulterated greenery of nature for those who, at the end of a hectic working life, want to stay away from the busy city. More photos available on Facebook by typing vendita CASA LUZZI. Type the following coordinates into Google Maps to find the exact location of the property: 39 ° 25'27.7 N 16 ° 17'24.3 E
Finished sq. ft.
115 sq m
We were unable to find the requested address () via Google street view due to Google street view doesn’t have data for this address.
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