EUR 3.000.000
  • 8060 sq m
Property for
Sep 28, 2019
Dogana Vecchia S.r.l. informs that on September the 26th 2019, at 3.00 pm at the Crepaz-Lanzi notary office located in via Alto Adige n. 40 - 39100 Bolzano (BZ) will take a competitive auction for the joint sale of the Hotel Compendium located in the Municipality of Seefeld (Austria). The Hotel consists of n. 2 hotels on a land of 8,060 square meters, with surrounding areas used for the access, parking, and a green area; some licenses related to the hotel business and some movable property and equipment contained in the Hotels. The total starting price is € 3,000,000.00, corresponding to the purchase offer received by the Procedure, of which € 2,900,000.00 for the Hotels and € 100,000.00 for the Licenses and the furniture. Furthermore, the bidder will have to pay to the procedure, by way of flat-rate reimbursement, the amount of € 270,000.00 for taxes, interest, penalties and expenses due from the previous owner to the Municipality of Seefeld. The offer will be presented in a sealed envelope and must be presented at the office of the Notary appointed by 12.00 pm on September the 26th 2019, according to the methods indicated in the Sale Regulations.For information: Dr. Pierantonio Biasotto (Via Tolpada n. 1 - Treviso - +39 0422 412212 -, Lawyer Lorenz Ebner (via della Mostra n. 3 - Bolzano - +39 0471 977696 -, and Lawyer Martin Corazza (Maximilianstraße 9 6020 Innsbruck - +43 5125829000 -
Finished sq. ft.
8060 sq m
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