EUR 7.440.000
Property for
Sep 21, 2019
Real estate complex used as a hotel; Within the hotel complex called IANUA HOTEL, composed of a hotel with 8 floors; auditorium; spa; hair dresser; gym; restaurant; wine bar; large events hall; parking lots; green area.Starting price: € 7.440.000,00 Price with charges: € 7.440.000,00 + € 90.768,00Minimum raise: € 10,000.00Deposit: 10% of the offered price. Extension: 3 minutesAuction start: 10/22/2018 12.00pm Auction deadline: 11/22/2018 12.00pmRegistration deadline with:Bank transfer: 11/19/2018 12:00:00 Credit card: 11/22/2018 11:00The asset is sold as seen. The Judicial Liquidator is not responsible for nay missing or partial information about the description of the lot and declines the responsibility for any errors, omissions and inaccuracies in the photos in the descriptions, in the quantities and in every other detail indicated in the lot;For this reason, the vision of the lot is strongly recommended to verify the real condition of the goods on auction.All sales made by conducting auctions on are subject to the provisions of the civil code relating to forced sales.Finally, please note that the price must be paid no later than the deadline set by the Delegated Judge or the Judicial Liquidator, under penalty of forfeiture of the good and loss of the deposit paid in favor of the bankruptcy receiver.For more info and vison request, contact the Judicial Liquidator Dr. Leonardo Fedrini, Tel. 02.763631, email
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We were unable to find the requested address () via Google street view due to Google street view doesn’t have data for this address.
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