EUR 3.800.000
  • 7000 sq m
Property for
Sep 14, 2019
he area is situated in the hill country of Cervarese Santa Croce, in the Euganean Hills Regional Park thermal zone. It is located 40 minutes from Venice and is easily accessible from the main airports, motorways and high-speed train routes. The location of the Colline di Venezia Resort is strategic in terms of the environment but also from an artistic and cultural perspective. Indeed, the conical morphology of the extinct volcanoes and the temperate climate form a setting that is the only one of its kind, where there are plenty of opportunities for sports activities. Cities full of art, medieval and walled cities, old villages, lakes, beaches and the nearby Dolomites, along with golf courses, cycle paths, walking trails, thermal pools, riding stables, and volcano faces suitable for climbing are just some of the area's attractions. Its pride and joy is the Venetian food and wine tradition, known for its excellence worldwide. The property measures 30000m² and includes an old 18th century farmstead with a 1500m² colonnade, an old wine cellar and a partly-restored arena. A project has also been approved that is intended for tourist and commercial use, accommodation, hospitality and well-being, consisting in the creation of a Resort with around 30 units including a restaurant, well-being centre and two thermal swimming pools. For further details please contact the proprietor regarding the possibility of gaining access to the Colline di Venezia Resort site. Other sites of reference
Finished sq. ft.
7000 sq m
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