EUR 1.200.000
  • 29400 sq m
Property for
Sep 28, 2019
PARGHELIA (VV) – Unique Lot - tourist business complex called Poggio di Tropea”, mq. 28.268 + ridges towards the sea. 9.060 mq + swimming pool mq. 300 and solarium mq 800. Part A + court of continuity of three floors + basement; Part B, of mq. 100, 1st floor and rooms for cold rooms; Part C, of mq. 90, 1st floor + electric cabins; Part D of mq. 60 depo.; Free area of12.690 mq.; 6 separate buildings consisting of 117 residential units; multipurpose tennis court, outdoor theater area, playground area, ridges sloping towards the sea; rooms for technological services and systems for the entire building complex. The furnishing, the crockery + motor vehicle + machinery and technological systems functional to the business complex. Base price Euro 1,200,000.00. The delivery of goods subject to sale, free and evictions from people and things, will not take place before 31.01.2019 since the entire complex is occupied by third parties under a company lease until 31 January 2018. Furthermore, the right of pre-emption on the purchase is guaranteed in favor of the tenant. Online salesare accessible on and from 9 am on 27 December 2018, at 6 pm on 10 January 2019. Offers and other modalities are available on the websites.Curator Avv. Santo Manes 0982.583131
Finished sq. ft.
29400 sq m
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