Cottage in city Loutraki

EUR 1.280.000
  • 2016902 sq m
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Sep 28, 2019
The residential complex is located in the settlement of Schinos, Local Community of Pissi, Municipality of Loutraki - Perachora - Agion Theodoron, Korinthia, 100 km from the airport 'El. Venizelos 'and about 90 minutes by car.
it consists of 5 ground floor apartments of 75, 72, 73, 67 and 58 m2 and 5 luxurious maisonettes with a net area of 75, 70, 97, 85 and 65 m2.
The total area of main spaces is 902,00m2 and auxiliary spaces are 224,00m2.
The property is fully transferable, illegitimate, and free of charges, loans, etc., whenever it can be transferred directly either as a whole or per building (total 6) or per horizontal property (total 10).
The ground floor apartments are made entirely of reinforced concrete with a 20 cm outer cladding made of stone with a high coefficient of thermal insulation, while the 5 maisonettes are made of reinforced concrete frame and stone walls.
it has the following facilities:
* 2 three-phase PPC and 1 three-phase shared.
* 2 water and 1 shared facilities.
* Drilling 65 M depth.
* 2 tanks of 48 M3 drinking water each.
* Automatic watering.
* 4 large warehouses 3 m x 12 m x 3 m height each.
* 2 photovoltaic systems, the first 7 kw power is installed in building 4 for electricity generation and sale to PPC and the second power 5 kw is installed in building 1 for net meetering. * Tennis court - basketball, measuring 13 m x 25 m.
* Full furnishings of all houses and full electrical equipment.
* 26 Fujitsu 9000 - 18000 BTU air conditioners.
* 5 solar and 5 electric water heaters.
* 3 energy fireplaces and 7 open fireplaces.
* Wi - Fi, telephone wiring, alarm, surveillance cameras, etc.
* 5 SAT, NOVA and OTE TV satellite systems
* 5 BBQs and 1 wood oven.
* 2 remote-controlled garage doors, energy frames, 10 exclusive use spaces, paved terraces, vegetable garden, climates, pergolas, etc.
We would like to emphasize the possibility of constructing a pool of 5 x 10 m.
As owners we guarantee that all of the above will work well not only until the properties are transferred, but also after their transfer - sale, as long as the new or the new owners request it.
We inform you that: a) the water is drinkable throughout the year b) there are many local organic products such as: meat dairy, fruit and vegetables c) there is a pneumatic center, supermarket, 2 bakery - confectionery , fish taverns with fresh fish etc.
b) the area is suitable for activities such as: beekeeping, fishing and agrotourism.
At a short distance you can visit archaeological sites (Lake Heraion, Alkyonides, Aigirouses, Ancient Korinthos etc.) with nice places for swimming, food, entertainment and entertainment.
Finished sq. ft.
902 sq m
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2815 sq m
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