Elegant Mediterranean eco-house close to Budapest

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2030 Erd-Erdliget
Aug 26, 2019
Elegant Mediterranean eco-house close to Budapest

Eco-property with 2 family houses for sale directly from the owner in a wonderful green environment – forest with oak trees – just 20 km from Budapest on the Buda side popular agglomeration area. The property is excellent for 2 generations or to rent out.

Light structural house built in 2006, it has a fireplace.
Total area: (106 sqm, 1140.97 UK&US; square feet): Living room + dining room (33 sqm), bedroom (10 sqm), children’s bedroom (19 sqm), office (8 sqm), kitchen (8 sqm), bathroom (10 sqm), toilet (2 sqm), closet (4 sqm) and other rooms.
The semi-covered terrace (60 sqm) has a built-in heated Jacuzzi and enclosed decorative lights.
The engineering of the Jacuzzi and the basement is located under the terrace (10 sqm).

Brick house built in 2017.
Total area (52 sqm, 559.72 UK&US; square feet): 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, hall, terrace.
Appliances, extras:

• The houses have Internet and TV.
• Electricity is supplied by 34 solar panels (9,18 kWp) for both houses. They have air conditioning and gas boiler. Utility costs are close to 0.
• Paradox alarm system (more than 30 zones, can be extended) inside and outside as well.
• Both houses have automatic safety roll-up shutters.
• 16 camera internal and external surveillance system which can be accessed remotely.

Landscaped garden (2.172 sqm, 23379.21 UKS suqare feet) with decorative plants, rock garden.
All public utilities: water, gas, electricity, sewage system driven well for irrigation from 40 m deep.

Excellent investment! Excellent for 2 families separately but close to each-other, for business or to rent out!
We can send you more photos of the 2nd house upon request, the garden and the panorama.

Address: HU-2030 Erd-Erdliget
Inquiries in English and Hungarian!
+372 5986 9041 (Phone / Viber / WhatsApp)
+971 55379 0411 (Phone / Viber / WhatsApp)
Lot Size
2172 sq m
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