EUR 288.380.000
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Aug 23, 2019
SAVIGNANO SUL RUBICONE (FC) - LOT SANTA TERESA: Located in between via Giovanni Paolo II, via Faberio and via Gorizia, as indicated on the CTU referred to the bankruptcy n. 85/15 of R.G:In the first group of the expert report and in the next one, dated June 5, 2018, and for the bankruptcy n. 31/16 of R.G. in the paper dated December 11, 2018 – the full property of:An urban and agricultural land area with units under construction, few buildings on former rural areas and other land, classified as “Santa Teresa Village.On the property is partly possible to construct, and partly is due to an urbanization works that includes all the areas that will have to be sold to the Municipality free of charge.Starting price 2,883,800.00 €.Minimum bid 2,162,850.00 € Minimum raise Euro 0,00 Sale without auction on the 19/09/2019 at 09:30 am - Studio Spitali Benelli Spitali, 48121 Ravenna, via Ricci 29, scale B, 1 floor.Professional Delegate Dott. Spitali Andrea tel. 054437369.Curator Ortali Alessandra Tel. 0543370530. Judge Dott.ssa Vacca Barbara RGF N. 85/2015 and 31/2016
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We were unable to find the requested address () via Google street view due to Google street view doesn’t have data for this address.
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