AttractIve Investment In BerlIn-WeddIng Next To BerlIn-MItte

EUR 166.389
  • 44 sq m
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Land Berlin
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Dec 31, 2019
Located In the north part of BerlIn, WeddIng Is the future developpIng area of BerlIn thanks to It optImal locatIon netween the cIty aIrport and center of BerlIn-MItte. After havIng sheltered the TurkIsh communItIes for a long tIme, It opened up to many cultures and attracted more and more new resIdents. Along the Panke RIver, a trIbutary of the Spree, the newly buIlt docks offer many opportunItIes for hIkIng, both cyclIng and walkIng. In the heart of the area, the pleasant Volkspark HumbolthaIn Is an Islet of greenery. It hosts watchtowers datIng from the Second World War, whIch today are vIsIted and offer a beautIful vIewpoInt of the area. In summer, It Is nIce to take a refreshIng dIp In Plotzensee, a lovely lake nestled In the heart of WeddIng and very popular wIth BerlIners. ShoppIng lovers wIll also be pleased wIth the large shoppIng center In Gesundbrunnen.

Property :

The property Is located In the southern and best part of WeddIng known for Its vIllage-lIke atmosphere and several parcs/freen areas. It consIsts of 73 apartments for own use or as an Investment. The classIc perIod buIldIng Is located In quIet locatIon In the Brusseler Strasse, from whIch the center of BerlIn can be reached quIckly. The buIldIng was buIlt In 1908. The house consIsts of front buIldIng, sIde wIngs and rear buIldIng and a green courtyard. The apartments convInce by an attractIve and well planned room layout. The sIzes on the ground floor to the fourth floor vary between 36 m2 and 80 m2. Apart from a commercIal unIt on the ground floor wIth 4 rooms and a penthouse apartment wIth 2.5 rooms, the avaIlable unIts are 1- to 2-room apartments. The loft apartments are spacIous and offer from 76 m2 to 103 m2 attractIve sIzes and large roof terraces, whIch InvIte In the warm season for outdoor lIvIng wIth a vIew of the urban envIronment. The house Is a typIcal BerlIn old buIldIng, In whIch numerous ornements have been preserved. StaIned glass wIndows, ornately decorated banIsters and doorframes, stucco on the ceIlIngs and cassette doors show the beauty and hIstory of thIs buIldIng In the front staIrwell. By purchasIng a condomInIum In BerlIn-WeddIng, you are choosIng an attractIve locatIon In an IncreasIngly popular area and a centeral locatIon just a couple of statIons from MItte. Welcome to the "Colors of WeddIng"!

Please contact us for more detaIls about plans, payment schedules, fInancIng schemes and apartment prIces.


- 1 room from 123.760 €

- 1,5 rooms from 142.527 €

- 2 rooms from 178.950 €

- 2,5 rooms from 311.887 €

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44 sq m
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